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The Science Behind Ethiopian Airlines Beautiful Ladies Crew

There are a lot of fascinating things about Ethiopia but one that’s not often spoken about is Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew
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There are a lot of fascinating things about Ethiopia but one that’s not often spoken about is Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew.

The airline is a success story that other African national carriers should learn from. Ever since its operations started in 1946, the airline always leaves a mark of wonder.

And the gorgeous crew of the airline are worth celebrating too. They are the face of excellence that the airline is known for. The 4-Star certified Airline – the largest airline in Africa – won the Best African Airline tag for the year 2021 courtesy of Business Traveller Awards magazine.

Besides the excellent service this carrier offers, there are scintillating tales of Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew.

How Many Female Pilots Does Ethiopian Airlines Have?

The Ethiopian national carrier has at least 20 fully certified female pilots with 20 more in aviation school as of 2022. The number could be higher in 2022.

But it wasn’t always like this. The carrier had only five women pilots in 2015 and this number grew threefold in five years. The female pilots add to the cream of Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew.

Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew

Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew. Photo/

The crew is charming and blends well with the overall mission of the airline which is comfort. There are mesmerizing tales about these cabin crew members who exemplify human beauty.

When you move to some parts of Rwanda some of her women are mistaken for Ethiopians and they gladly accept it. Why? Because they value the beauty of their sisters in Addis Ababa.

Although Rwandan ladies are well-known for their beauty throughout Eastern Africa, many women still strive to appear like Ethiopian women. Perhaps it is due to the attention they draw from East African men.

If you while away time in social joints where men from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda are discussing their trips aboard Ethiopian airlines, you will be surprised.

While the airline wins accolades for pricing and outstanding services, the conversation is interestingly about Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew.

Why are Flight Attendants so Pretty?

Beauty is relative and it lies in the eyes of the beholder.  But it is a different story for Ethiopia. Nonetheless, have you ever thought about how airlines circumvent employment restrictions and always seem to hire attractive flight attendants?

Interesting debate! Susan Brown, a veteran in the industry has some interesting findings of it.

In one of these debates, Brown explained that airlines play the illusion psychology. She said that the illusion that most cabin crew members are attractive is intentional with those propagating it being airlines.

They have over the years created this narrative which is why many passengers buy that most cabin crew members are attractive.

Brown noted that during the course of the cabin crew training, every member of the crew participates in some type of grooming, image, or uniform instruction. They are given instructions on what to wear, how their hair should look, what type of make-up to apply, and how to look.

Further, what kind of jewellery to wear, the type of shoes to wear, and how their nails should look. They get lessons on how to take care of their skin, their health, and their character.

They have a lot to learn in outward presentation, walking and talking. Their job comes with detailed instructions regarding the appearance that they are to have. The training sort of shapes everyone into the appearance that the airline wants all of the members of their team to have.

Does Looks Matter in Flight Attendant?

Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew.

Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew. Photo/YouTube

When it comes to their flight attendants and cabin personnel, airlines treat them like products that need to be spruced up for public perception. That’s why looks matter.

It is a concept behind the Ethiopian Airlines beautiful ladies crew. Prior to each briefing, there is a person in charge of making sure the crew (members) look their best when they arrive at the airport.

The majority of airlines refuse to hire overweight flight attendants because they are deemed unfit to fly.

During an emergency, the cabin crew must be prepared to deal with any situation. And there are a number of physical standards that must be met, such as the ability to pull, hoist, move, or help passengers.

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