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African Countries Americans Like Most and Why

African Countries Americans love
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Do you ever wonder if there are African countries Americans love to the point they would relocate and live there?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Africa has favourite countries for American wanderlusts. In retrospect, some alarmists indicate that a sizeable number of US Citizens think Africa is a country. Sad indeed but the West has a better understanding of the second-largest continent in the world.

This geo-history aside, Africa is an amazing place. Westerners privileged to visit, can attest to this. Below are the favourite countries for US travellers.

South Africa

A cocktail of factors favours the interests of travellers from the US. These factors include the following.


Kruger National Park

Elephants at the Kruger National Park. Photo/East Cape Tours

Mzansi enjoys incredible natural beauty dotting every edge of the country. The nature diversity presented through its famous Drakensberg Mountains, Table Mountain, Kruger National Park , and the Garden Route charms international visitors enough. The beaches top the list of South Africa ranking among African countries Americans love.

Diversity in Culture

Imagine a country with 11 official languages. You’re thinking about South Africa whose local dialect features on a national level. The food, music, art and dance also intrigue Americans.

Political History

The late Nelson Mandela left a mark of indelible repute with his anti-apartheid advocacy that sent him to Robben Island prison for 27 years. He rose to become the president of South Africa after his release but his struggle for independence fascinates the world.

Wine Exploits

South African wine is part of the reason why it is among African countries Americans love. As the ninth largest wine producer in the world, Cape Winelands is famous for its massive vineyards coupled with amazing scenery.

Developed Tourism Infrastructure

Although there are 11 official languages spoken here, English is popular therefore; the language barrier is hardly a reason to keep you off. Moreover, there are direct flights from big US cities like JFK Airport in New York to Johannesburg.


Without a doubt, Kenya features by default among African countries Americans love for several reasons.


Safaris in Kenya

Kenya luxury safari packages. Photo/ Go2Africa.

A safari Adventure is always on the bucket list for every US traveller looking for a great experience in this East African country. Kenya prides on having some of the most iconic parks in the world such as the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo National Park, and Samburu and Amboseli National Park among others.

Each of these parks abounds with leopards, lions, elephants buffalos and leopards – the big five. Other wildlife such as giraffes, antelopes, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, elephants and thousands of bird species are available.

Scenic Beauty

Sceneries such as Mt Kenya, Lake Nakuru, the Rift Valley Escarpment, and massive tea estates among many others are deeply captivating for Americans. At Maasai Mara, you have a choice to explore the expansive Mara ecosystem on a hot air balloon. Most recently, you can take a helicopter ride to explore the deepest parts of the North Rift.

Cultural Experiences

Her 42 Kenyan tribes have an intriguing culture especially the Maasai famed for their decades-long traditions. Food and dance make up a huge part of Kenyan culture.

Beach Life

The coastal city of Mombasa and surrounding regions such as Lamu and Malindi are a solid reason why Kenya appears among African countries Americans love.

Direct Flights

You can fly to Kenya from New York on a 14-hour direct flight aboard Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways.

Friendly People

Kenyans are friendly by every means and they’re hospitable too. Communication isn’t an issue as English is the country’s national language.


Best Tanzania Tours and Safaris

A Full day of Game Drive
at Serengeti National Park. Photo/

The famous Serengeti National Park and Africa’s highest mountain Mt Kilimanjaro make Tanzania a prime destination for American tourists. Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous island on the coastal edge of Tanzania is a famed tourist destination across the world with great weather and a lot of fun activities.


With a population of 32 million people, Ghana has a fascinating culture with 100 ethnic tribes colouring this West African country. In addition, it has a lot of relevance for African Americans considering most slaves shipped to the US in the 1800s were from Ghana. Accra museums such as the National Museum of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park have all this history preserved.

Talk of food, beaches and the people; they improve the quality of life in a big way which Americans value.


Africa is an amazing place for international visitors and Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania are among the African countries Americans love. They are blessed with incredible sceneries, beaches, riveting culture, and friendly people and language isn’t an issue.

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