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8 East African Countries With the Most Beautiful Women

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What comes to mind when you think of the East African country with the most beautiful ladies? How good are they?African ladies are beautiful in the many ways they express themselves. East Africa is no exception, as it is home to some of the most stunning ladies in the world.

East African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia are known for their beautiful ladies capturing the hearts of many. From light-skinned to chocolate brown to ebony;  East African women have something unique and special to offer. Moreover, they are elegant, gracious and possess an aura of mystery and a captivating beauty that is unrivalled. Needless to say their intelligence, wit, and humour are on another level.

Which Nationality is Best in Bed in Africa?

Burkina Faso, Gabon, Uganda and Cameroon are the top countries with the best bedroom performances in Africa. According to a Durex survey, Burkina Faso tops the list with a birth rate of 42.42%. Cameroon is the second with a 36.58% fertility rate, whereas Uganda comes third (34.17%).

What is the Beautiful Country in East Africa?

Tanzania, East Africa’s breathtaking nation, is renowned for its wide variety of majestic mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar Island and Stone Town are some of this incredible country’s most popular tourist destinations. You will be amazed by its natural beauty, which cannot be replicated elsewhere. With its endless white sand beaches, dense jungles and incredible wildlife, it is a natural paradise that will mesmerize any visitor.

Which Country Has The Most Beautiful Ladies in East Africa?

1. Ethiopia

East African Country With The Most Beautiful Ladies

Beautiful Ethiopia ladies. Photo/Africa Facts.

The “promised land”, renowned as Zion city, prides in having some of the most beautiful ladies in East Africa. These beauties have smiles that stretch from ear to ear and faces like the sun’s crescent with luscious locks which are natural and easy to maintain.

Ethiopian beautiful ladies embrace their natural looks and are tall, with thick, natural hair that most people envy. That’s why the majority have made it in the modelling industry. These ladies are nothing short of captivating, with their alluring beauty and remarkable features that will leave you in awe at first glance. Ethiopians are hospitable and overall friendly.

2. Burundi & Rwanda

East African Country With The Most Beautiful Ladies

Rwanda Ladies. Photo/Unsplash.

Women from Burundi and Rwanda have the same stunning beauty features. From the same stunning facial features to their sleek fashion sense and unique accents, the women of Burundi and Rwanda have the most beautiful ladies in East Africa. While each country has its flair– a charming accent in one, or an exquisite style in another.

The striking features of these beauties include long legs, straight backs, and slender waists. The ladies are friendly, outgoing and confident and love to dress well and enjoy the finer things in life.

3. Tanzania

Tanzania Ladies

Tanzania Ladies. Photo/Tuko News.

Tanzania is home to some of the most beautiful East African women. The country is renowned for its incredible musicians and gorgeous, light-complexioned Muslim and Christian inhabitants. These women are celebrated all over East Africa as icons of beauty and grace. Tanzania women are known for their captivating beauty, curves and enchanting smiles.

While some have a  dark complexion, others have a light one with prominent cheekbones and a lustrous sheen. No wonder they keep men up all night with the intensity of their presence. Besides their beauty, these gorgeous ladies have impeccable manners and are friendly. Further, they have a demonstratable infinite capacity for love and care towards those nearest to them, especially in relationships where mutual respect exists.

4. Somalia

Somalia beautiful ladies

Somali model. Photo/MPLS St Paul Magazine

Somalia is another East African country with the most beautiful ladies. Boasting a variety of stunning women, the semi-arid country on the edge of the Horn of Africa ooze undaunting beauty despite a long history of civil unrest. Being an Islamic country, women must cover themselves from head to toe. However, despite covering up, their beauty still strikes you. A Somali woman is strong, gorgeous, curvy, and well-behaved despite the country’s political instability, poverty, and some horrible cultural practices.

5. Sudan

Sudan Ladies

Adut Akech–South Sudanese Model. Photo/Mamamia.

Sudan, another East African country, has its fair share of beautiful ladies with gorgeous looks, with several popular models to attest to this. Sudanese women are known for their mesmerizing eyes and long, dark tresses. These women are strong in spirit and often take on traditional roles as mothers or caregivers to those within the community. They dress modestly with a hint of femininity that is captivating and endearing. If you’re searching for a tall, dark-skinned beauty with an inviting personality, Sudan is the place to be.

6. Kenya

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o. Photo/Evie Magazine

Kenya is an excellent destination for any traveller, and Kenyan women are some of Africa’s most attractive feminines. It’s easy to find stylish and curvaceous locals with a natural beauty that cannot be denied.  Gorgeous Kenyan women have beautiful dark skin, full lips and shapely bodies and they’re highly educated, outspoken and confident.

7. DR. Congo

East Africa country with beautiful women

A stylish Congolese lady. Photo/pinterest

Congolese is another East African Country with the most beautiful ladies.  Her women are not only beautiful, but they possess an indomitable spirit and characteristic warmth. They have a unique sense of fashion – bright colours being their preference that make them uniquely beautiful.


While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you can’t help but appreciate that East Africa has beautiful women by all measures. And beauty plays a big part in the culture of different tribes in different East African countries.

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