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10 Most Beautiful Female Musicians in Africa

most beautiful female artists in africa
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Beautiful female musicians in Africa have a way of captivating audiences with their voices and unique sounds. And not every musician is indeed celebrated for their vocal talent alone. Some are renowned for their beauty, while others impress audiences with the energy of a live performance.

These women are stunning inside and out and have been blessing us with some of the finest music for many years. From Tanasha Donna to Tiwa Savage, Habida to Sona Jobarteh, these women greatly impact the industry and elevate African music. With their creative expression and incredible talent, they have become some of Africa’s most beautiful female musicians.

Who is the Most Beautiful Female Musician in Africa?

All these women discussed below are extraordinary—in their music and their beauty. Each musician brings something unique and deserves recognition for her contribution. So let’s celebrate each one for the precious gift she has given us. These female musicians have left an indelible mark on African music, from their stunning good looks to captivating voices.

1. Sona Jobarteh, Gambia

most beautiful female musicians in Africa

Gambian beauty Sona Jobarteh, Photo/Issuu.

Sona Jobarteh is a vocalist, guitarist, kora player and composer from Gambia. She is the first female Kora virtuoso from a West African Griot family. As a descendant of the Jobarteh family of respected kora players, Sona has taken her artistry to the next level by mastering the 21-stringed instrument. Her music is an eclectic mix of folk, afro-pop and jazz, and her beauty is beyond words. She has a unique presence about her that makes her stand out from the crowd.

2. Ivorian Doll, Ivory Coast

Ivorian Doll, Ivory Coast

Ivorian Doll, Ivory Coast. Photo/The Guardian.

Vanessa Mahi, born December 17th 1997, is an Ivorian singer, dancer and songwriter based in Abidjan. Known professionally as Ivorian Doll, she has released several beautiful singles, such as “Oya Oya” and “Mama”. Her beauty inspires many, and she is quickly becoming one of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa.

3. Munachi, Nigeria

Munachi, Nigeria

Munachi Abii. Photo/KOKO TV Nigeria.

Munachi is one of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa, born on November 5th 1987, in Port Harcourt, River State. She has released several hits, including “If You Love Me” and “Love Song”, which have become popular in the Nigerian music scene. People love to watch her perform as she moves with grace and passion.

Munachi is a Nigerian rap artist, singer-songwriter, performer, TV personality and model – not to mention she won the 2007 award for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria award. Her beauty shines through in her music and stage presence, making Munachi one of Africa’s most beautiful female musicians.

4. Mayra Andrade, Cape Verde

Mayra Andrade, Cape Verde

Mayra Andrade, Cape Verde. Photo/Pinterest.

The mesmerizingly beautiful and talented Mayra Andrade, was born on February 13th 1985, in Havana, Cuba, to parents from Cape Verde. Now based in Lisbon, Portugal, for recording purposes, this sensational singer and songwriter has taken the African music scene by storm. Her voice is truly beautiful, reminiscent of a magical nightingale or a dreamy angel singing in the sky.

She speaks numerous languages, but the lyrics to many of her albums are in Cape Verdean Crioulo. The first song she remembers singing is “O Leãozinho” by Caetano Veloso, who has inspired her music throughout her career.

5. Vanessa Owusu, Ghana

Vanessa Owusu, Ghana

Vanessa Owusu, Ghana. Photo/BellaNaija.

Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu, born on August 25th 1984, is an accomplished Ghanaian television show host, model, musician, scholar and graphic artist. She has achieved remarkable success in all these fields throughout her career. Vanessa is a beautiful and talented singer-songwriter who has gained immense fame due to her ability to fuse Ghanaian traditional music with contemporary styles. Her beauty is breathtaking, her talent unrivalled, and her passion for music truly inspiring. Vanessa Owusu is definitely one of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa.

6. Nandy, Tanzania

most beautiful female musicians in Africa

Nandy, Tanzania. Photo/The Citizen.

Tanzania’s Nandy is an artist of extraordinary talents, having twice taken home the All Africa Music Award in East Africa – firstly in 2017 and then again three years later. Not only does she sing, but she also acts – a true testament to her talent. Her ability to master both makes her stand out on another level altogether. Her beauty is stunning, and her music is captivating, making Nandy one of Africa’s most beautiful female musicians.

7. Tanasha Donna

most beautiful female musicians in Africa

Tanasha donna. Photo/citiMuzik.

Tanasha Donna, a Kenyan singer, made headlines in 2019 for dating Bongo king Diamond Platnumz. If you’ve seen her Instagram lately, you know she means business regarding body transformation. Her self-improvement is extraordinary; her pictures speak volumes. In addition to her stunning looks, she also knows how to sing and write music making her one of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa.

8. Tiwa Savage – Nigeria

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage. Photo by Thuis Day Live

She is probably the most seductive female artiste in Africa right now with her captivating music and dance moves. Click on Tiwa Savage’s Girlie O remix with Patoranking, and you’ll soon understand what we mean; the song has over Sixteen million viewers. And it’s not just her music that has garnered attention; Tiwa’s beauty is simply mesmerising, earning her a place in our list of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa.

9. Habida – Kenya

most beautiful female musicians in Africa

Habida – Kenya. Photo/DJ Mwanga.

Habida Moloney is the perfect definition of beauty with brains. Not only does this Kenyan musician have a gorgeous face, but she’s also one of her generation’s best African female singers. Habida has created timeless songs like ‘So Lovely’ and ‘You’re All I Need’ that embody love in its purest form. Habida is one of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa; she makes men drool for her – day and night.

10. Spice Diana – Uganda

Spice Diana – Uganda

Spice Diana – Uganda. Photo/Spotlight.

Uganda’s Spice Diana has been making waves with her multi-talented performances with grace and beauty. Her voice captivates audiences everywhere, and she is one of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa, quickly gaining popularity amongst fans worldwide.


It’s no wonder these beautiful women have taken the African music scene by storm! With their talents and gorgeous looks, they are making a name for themselves internationally. They are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful female musicians in Africa. Whether Nandy from Tanzania, Habida from Kenya, or Spice Diana from Uganda, these ladies have it all – beauty, brains and talent.

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