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Why Egypt Was the Most Visited African Country in 2022

Egypt tourists
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Egypt tourists 2022 hit an impressive 11.7 million making this North African nation the most visited African country last year.

Egypt’s Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa said this was a huge increase compared to 2021 when the country was still reeling in the aftereffects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Issa is optimistic that 2023 will host 15 million tourists now that inbound travel between January and February 2023 is up by 35%.

How Many Tourists Visit Egypt in 2022?

Egypt tourists 2022 visits clocked an impressive 11.7 million, toppling Morocco. Traditionally, Morocco gets the highest number of tourists in Africa each year. There were 10.9 million tourists who visited Morocco in 2022.

Here are five interesting reasons why Egypt is Africa’s leading tourist destination.

Egypt tourists Pyramids

Asian tourists pose for a photo with a background of the famous Pyramids of Giza. Photo/South China Morning Post

Egyptian Pyramids

This is the most obvious reason why millions of tourist visit North Africa. Historical and cultural sites including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Luxor Temple, and the Valley of the Kings are a tourism magnet. Egypt’s long history and distinctive culture dating back centuries ago fascinate visitors globally.

River Nile, Red Sea, White Desert

River Nile, the unique White Desert, the Red Sea and the Sahara Desert are fascinating natural landmarks with breathtaking views. Tourists love the panorama that each of these landmarks brings.

Proximity to Europe

Europe makes up Africa’s largest tourism market and Egypt’s proximity to a dozen European countries augurs well for the sector. In addition, Egypt is relatively affordable compared to other African destinations making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travellers.

Hospitality Culture

Egyptians are renowned for their warmth and hospitablity. Nothing beats friendliness which is a big factor in Egypt tourists 2022 figure.

Are There Many Tourists In Egypt Now?

Data by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism indicate that the country never falls short of international tourists all year round.  According to the ministry’s data, 75% of all international tourists come from Europe; Germany, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, and France.

The Middle East has a 17% stake in Egypt’s tourism. For the longest time, there is a notion that Egypt is or shouldn’t be a part of Africa but the Middle East. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates make up 17% of visitors to Cairo from the Middle East.

Additionally, South Korea, Japan and China – Asia – make up 6% of the visitors from the Pacific to Egypt. Unlike East and Southern Africa, American tourists visiting Egypt are a meagre 3%.  Lastly, African visitors make up 1% of Egypt’s total visitors annually, most of them coming from Libya and Sudan.

What Is The Busiest Tourist Month In Egypt?

Talking of Egypt tourists 2022, November to February are the peak months down in the Cairo-headquartered country. Winter months come dripping down on Europe at this time and Egypt’s warm weather is a perfect refuge for tourists escaping winter.

Besides visiting the pyramids and other historical attractions here, the weather supports a variety of outdoor activities which international travellers have an affinity for. What’s more is that festivals such as the Cairo International Film Festival, the Luxor African Film Festival, and the Abu Simbel Sun Festival are deeply thrilling.

They happen within this peak season and many tourists from Europe, the Middle East and Asia fly in to be a part of them. Moreover, winter months in Asia and Europe come with the school holiday and which creates ample time for travel to Egypt as a destination of choice.

Egypt Nile cruises

Egypt Nile cruises. Photo/Osiris Tours

Also, many people choose to spend the holidays somewhere warm and sunny during Christmas and New Year and Egypt tops the weather. Then there is the graceful Nile cruises which are busiest at this time of the year. Nile cruises are a relaxing and mechanical way to enjoy the beauty of Cairo together with its cultural and historical attractions.

Nonetheless, Egypt is a great destination to travel to all-year round only that the peak season has a lot of tourists.


Egypt offers a refreshing breath and feels of what African tourism is all about. Despite having as many wildlife parks and forests as East, Southern and Western Africa; the fairly arid country still makes a mark. The Great Pyramids remain a world favourite, and so are the magical Nile cruises which let you absorb Egypt’s beauty in a different way.

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