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6 Stunning African Safaris For Couples

Serengeti National Park
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

There are few destinations in the world as romantic as Africa. From vast blue skies curving down to golden grasslands that roll to the horizon and distant mountains marching away in shades, African safaris offer the experience of a lifetime for all couples.

In most parts of Africa, the days are usually hot and nights cool as you want. Here, you get to experience the scent of wild sage, comfort, good game, great beaches and hospitality like never before. If you and your partner are looking for ideal African safaris for couples, look no further. Here are our best picks for lovebirds to have an unforgettable adventure and romance in Africa.

1. Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Gorilla trekking

Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi gorillas. Photo/ Safari Update Travels.

For the best African safaris for couples, take an adventure into the rainforests of Uganda, which are home to the endangered mountain gorilla. After trekking for some time, you will be informed of the presence of gorillas by your guide either at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Queen Elizabeth National Park.

You and your partner can spend up to an hour observing the gorillas, feeding, eating and speaking. Remember to remain still and gentle while interacting with the gorillas. This life-changing experience is worth it and you will want to come back for more.

2. Lilondwe National Park 

Malawi might not be first to spring to mind as a safari destination, but we are about to change that. At Lilondwe National Park, you and your partner can track rhinos with researchers. And with the reintroduction of lions, it has become a Big Five reserve – a fitting complement to its natural beauty dominated by the Shire River. Afterwards, a sunset boat cruise allows great sightings of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks and several exciting birdlife.

3. Bwabwata National Park

For the best African safaris for couples with fewer crowds, head to Bwabwata National Park in Namibia. Here, you and your partner get to enjoy the opportunity to see huge herds of elephants, buffalo, big cats, antelopes and some 430 species of birds.

Bwabwata National Park

Elephants at Bwabwata National Park. Photo/ Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

4. Okavango Delta 

Okavango Delta, one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, is the perfect escape for a couple safari. The Delta is teeming with wildlife and features amazing luxury lodges nestled on the banks of the waterways. Here, you get to experience unique Okavango safaris like the Mokoro safari.

You and your partner will also enjoy a dugout canoe experience on the waterways allowing you to have intimate moments with wildlife. Afterwards, continue with your adventure by trying the horseback safaris guided by talented and experienced riding operators.

5. Maasai Mara National Reserve

Well, you can’t talk about the best African safaris for couples and fail to mention Maasai Mara National Reserve. Disappear into the iconic wilderness on a guided safari with your partner. Walk hand in hand amongst the zebra, fall asleep to nature’s lullaby and soar above the plains. Before leaving Maasai Mara, you will have enjoyed a big game safari, scenic bush walks as well as a sunrise hot air balloon.

6. Serengeti National Park  

Serengeti National Park should be high on your list if you and your partner want the best chances to see the Big 5 game – lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffaloes. Here, you’ll also get the opportunity to see other amazing wildlife, including hippos, antelopes, cheetahs and wildebeest.

Serengeti National Park

A lion and her cubs at Serengeti National Park. Photo/ andBeyond.

How much does it cost to stay in African safari? 

The base average African safari cost is somewhere between $125 to $1,500 per person, per day or $625 to $7,500 per person for a 5-day safari. This price may or may not include transportation to and from the safari camp, accommodations, meals and tips.

Is safari a good honeymoon?

Offering both luxury and adventure, honeymoon safari trips are the perfect gateway for couples who love experiencing something new together. African safaris for couples create a memorable experience for all lovers, including the newlywed.

Which African country has the best safari? 

  1. Botswana
  2. Kenya
  3. Malawi
  4. Namibia
  5. Rwanda

What month is best for African safari?

The best time to go on safari is between June and October, during the dry season. This is a cooler time of the year and you are more likely to see animals, who are searching for water sources. During these months, you can also catch the iconic Masai Mara migration.

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